Why You Should Create Long-Form Content for Your Business Website


Believe it or not, we do like shortcuts. That’s why we often think to avoid Long-Form Content. Short contents are easy to create and also less time-consuming. But, we forget the fact that short contents can’t tell the whole story.

Long-Form Content
Long-Form Content

Yes, with short contents, you won’t be able to make people 100% understand what you actually want to say. Especially, when it’s time to let them know about your business, services, or products.

The long-form article is the best solution for online marketing. And, don’t worry, unbelievably, people do read long post online. If you can make your long content interesting enough, they won’t pass it without reading.

All that matters is how you create your long-form article for your business website. It’s obvious that if your content is boring, people will hardly go through it, no matter it’s a long or short post. So, make sure that you’re creating an engaging, smart, attractive, and more readable long-form content.

Before that, you have to be clear what long-form article actually means and why it’s so important. Let’s go through all the secrets behind long posts.

What Is Long-Form Content?

Well, it’s a matter of conflict that how many words a long-form content actually contains. Some people consider that a long post should contain more than 4000 words. Again, some of the people say that it’s enough to have more than 800-1200 words to be a long-form article.

So, it’s better to assume that containing around 1500 or more words can make a long content or article.

How to Come Up with an Amazing Long-Form Content

Without any doubt, creating short contents are easier. But long-form content is not too difficult to create. You just need to follow some step-by-step process and then sum them up.

It’s natural that without a plan or strategy, every single work is going to mess up. If you don’t have a plan, it seems really very hard to be successful whatever you’re trying to do. So, let’s have a look at how you can come up with a long post smartly.

Get an Idea; Set Your Goal

How can you reach your goal if you have no idea about it? Without any target, you can’t progress. That’s why at the very beginning, you need to research your goal.

What will be the purpose of your content? Who will be your target audience? Are you going to need a long-form article for your online business marketing or your blog posts?

You have to set your goal first. When you get the goal, you can come up with great ideas and plan according to your goal. Your niche will lead you to further processes.


Choose the Perfect Topic Relevant to Your Niche

You know your goal and niche. Now what? You can’t just jump on writing the long-form content without a topic, right? You need a topic that you’re long post is going to describe.

Of course, your content topic has to be relevant to your niche. Otherwise, it’s going to be just a waste of your time and energy. A perfect and relevant topic requires proper research on your niche, current market, and your target audiences.

Research on topics in which people are showing more interest nowadays. Check online which topics are on the most demand. Check your website which topic can perfectly fit in your site and fill the existing gap. A little brainstorm, and there you go.

Just make sure that you’re choosing such a topic that isn’t irrelevant to your niche and is interesting enough to attract your target audiences.

Research and Choose Accurate Keywords

Keyword they are one of the most crucial elements of successful contents. Imagine, you have come up with great long-form content without the perfect keywords. Now what? How would people be able to find your content online?

The situation will be a nightmare when all your efforts will go in vain. And, this is just because of choosing the wrong keywords. Isn’t it horrible?

That’s why you should take your time and do proper research on the keywords. So that you can choose the best ones that will perfectly match your content.

There are some important facts while choosing the right keywords such as competition strength and search volume. Choose such keywords that will be strong enough to survive and beat the competition.

Search volume will let you know how often people search for the particular keyword per month in a stated country. This will help you choose the perfect keywords for your long post.

Gather Information Strategically

Now, it’s time for the information your content is going to contain. As it’s a long-form content, you can share as much information as you can. There won’t be any limitation. But, you have to think about how many words you’ll be able to write for one content. 

Study the other websites and blogs. Research on how they cover their long contents with your topic. You can get an idea from them. Don’t just copy and paste others contents. Get an idea from them and create your content on your own.

Collect all the information you’re going to need to complete your long-form content and save them.

Make Outline and Put Them Together

When you’ve gathered all the information you needed, it’s time to give your content an outline and put all your information together. Decorate it step by step.

Give it a title, headline, and sub-headlines according to your information. Make a plan how you’re going to set all the information step by step.

Decorate the whole long-form content in such a way so that it can cover and describe all the information with an attractive look. Determine which facts, points, and paragraphs you’re going to include in it to make it complete.

Make It Attractive

People read long post online only if they feel it interesting enough. If you want your target audience to get into your content, you have to make it more appealing. But, just making an appealing content is never enough.

If you want your reader to go through your whole content, you just have to make it interesting to read. Your content should have enough potentiality to convince its reader to read next, to read more.

That’s how your hard-work will be successful. There are a few tricks to make your boring long-form content interesting and attractive. They are:

  • Write in such a way that sounds natural. Don’t use too many complex words. Make it simple.
  • Make sure the paragraphs contain the highest four sentences, two or three would be better.
  • Try to keep short and brief sentences.
  • Go with an informal style. Make it more conversational.
  • Use smart, attractive, and not too short or long title and headline.
  • Use emotional and powerful words in the headline to make them strong enough.
  • Using Odd numbers in headlines can make a variety. 
  • Give an amazing introduction to make your content more interesting.
  • Use plenty of sub-headlines to make your content more scan-able.
  • Follow what your headline says.
  • Use images, videos, or graphics to exemplify your ideas.
  • Use different formatting like bold, italic, h1, h2, and so on.
  • Add bullet points or number to make a list for making your content more easily scan-able.
  • Add relevant internal links.
  • Give careful and thorough proofreading.

Value of a High-Quality Long-Form Content for Online Business

It’s true that you have to give more effort and time to create long-form content than a short one. That could be a reason for your confusion that why you should create a long-form article.

Don’t take a long content too lightly. It can change your business and website in a positive way. Of course, there are a lot of benefits of creating and posting long contents. Otherwise, no one would ever create such posts.

Let’s see the benefits or value of long contents.

1. They Are Evergreen

Between long-form VS short-form content, long contents are evergreen. Yes, it’s been proven that long contents can gather higher ranking, more share, and traffic even after so long time.

If you’re able to create a perfect piece of long content, it’ll keep gathering traffic, higher ranking, and more consumers. It won’t matter how many months or years have passed, it’s going to do its job anyway.

2. Can Create More Leads

It’s not just a guess, and it’s a true analysis. High-quality long-form content will certainly generate more leads like 7x times on average. This is surely going to add some value to your online business marketing.

3. More Words, More Subjects, More Information

With short content, you might have faced problems to share the exact information in brief. But, with long contents, you don’t need to worry about words. You don’t have to tell the story in brief.

The long post can contain all the information you want to share no matter how many words you’re going to need. It’s the best option to describe and explain everything in detail. That’s why people love long contents. They can get all the information they want and all in the same place. 

4. More Traffic, More Shares

Surprisingly, long content can gather more traffic than the short one. If you’re trying to get more traffic for your website, create suitable and perfect pieces of long content. Without any doubt, they will bring you more traffic as well as more shares.

So, long-form Vs short-form content, who wins?

5. Can Hold More Readers for Longer

If your content can hold more readers in your site for a long time, that’s a plus point for your online marketing. And, obviously, only long-form content will be able to hold the reader for longer. That’s because to go through the whole article readers will take more time. 

But, it’s possible if and only if your content is interesting enough. A boring content can never hold a reader, not even for a few moments. Turn your long boring content into such an amazing piece so that readers can’t resist completing reading.

6. Can Get Higher Rankings

There are so many research results on long-form content for getting higher ranking more than short posts. According to get higher ranking more easily long contents have been winning.

Previous studies on long-form Vs short-form content, researcher got proof that long articles can get a better ranking if they’re well-written. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of effort and time.

7. Raise in Your Reader Range

A perfectly-planned and the well-written long post contain information about more than one single subject. According to the topic, you can provide more than just one subject and a lot of further information related to the topic.

This is how your content will be able to attract readers of different interest. Readers looking for different information related to your topic will gather to your content. That’s how your long article will raise the range of your readers.

8. Backlinks Get More Space Easily

Isn’t it obvious, the more words you get, the more backlinks you’ll be able to place? It’s entirely logical. There are no ways to think further about it.

You can frequently backlink to your other relevant blog posts through your long-form content. And, there’ll be no issue in looking for a chance to put backlinks.

But, make sure your backlinks are entirely relevant to the current topic. Otherwise, it’ll just be a backfire.

Get Going with Long Contents

It won’t be an easy task. I’m not forcing you to create long-form content. It’s all your decision. I am just trying to make you realize how and why you should create and post long contents. It’s for your online business and its success. There’s nothing to fear. Just do proper researches, make a strong plan, and then follow it step by step. Then there you are with your amazing long-form article. And, watch your business grow successfully. So, stop thinking further, and start a new journey.

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