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Keyword research services at affordable price

Are you seeking the fastest way to discover the rankable keywords for your website? You are not only one. Most of the website holders like you searching for the easiest way to find out the best Keyword.

We are dedicated to providing Keyword research services at affordable price to find out the right keyword for you. 

E-commerce business becomes competitive now. In this situation, the 80% success of the website depends on the best Keyword.

If you want to build an excellent website with a great achievement, you can take keyword research services packages of us.

Let's start to select better keywords to the explosion of the whole world by our keyword research services. Every single time we think of finding out the right Keyword for our client's business.

Why do you choose our keyword research service?

Million of website owners want to find such a keyword that helps your website to get rank in Google. They search the Keyword for their blogging, affiliate marketing, drop shipping, and much more e-commerce businesses. 

A keyword is a key to reach the website on the first page and get more organic traffic. Without the right Keyword, your site will get fewer visitors that not the desirable option for any website.

The right Keyword is for the right target, and your website run so fast. So always keep in mind, to rank high your website in Google, the right Keyword plays a vital role.

Our keyword research expert is working to help you to find out the right Keyword. They work for local keyword research to Amazon affiliate keyword research.

Our keyword research services give priority to three factors to discover the rankable Keyword. Our secret tips are gone on High Search Volume, Low Competition, and last one is Easy to Rank.

Our keyword research services area

SEO keyword research service

Our competitive SEO Keyword research Service makes sure that your website visible on the first page of Google and Bing with targeted keywords. It'll drive good sales and revenue to the e-commerce business.

KGR keyword research services

KGR Keyword or Keyword Golden Ratio service will give a great chance to get rank within 24 hours. Our experts do it so carefully that they make a fantastic result.

Keyword research for Amazon affiliate

Keyword research for niche sites for Amazon Affiliate marketing becomes more popular day by day. Our expert team does niche keyword research excellently.

Location-based keywords

KGR Keyword or Keyword Golden Ratio service will give a great chance to get rank within 24 hours. Our experts do it so carefully that they make a fantastic result.

Keyword research for dropshipping

We committed to providing keyword research services for any e-commerce business. So, our experts remain always ready, even Keyword research for dropshipping.

How do our keyword research services work?

First and foremost task to build a website is keyword research. The success of the site depends on the best keyword research. We know it and filter this point in our service to get the most significant return for our client.

Here are a few essential facts for keyword research that help you to know about our services.

Keyword research tools

We use several advanced tools for keyword research that are available in the market.

Handcrafted assignment

Our expert and experienced team handle every project with our client's specific requirements that are 100% modified.

Easy research reports

Our keyword research reports delivered to the client's inbox that are easy to realize with a good suggestion.

Save time

Our keyword research process always emphasizes the client's valuable time. We deliver research reports within just time, saving time without any exceptional cases.

Save money 

The keyword research services price of our company is not so high that it won't make it affordable for our clients.

Long-tail keyword research

For a well worth target, we give priority on long-tail keywords. It identifies the low volume but high competitive keywords.

Understand the competition

Sometimes smaller competitor keywords will well for getting organic ranking places. So, our team works to understand the competition after significant competitive keyword research. 

High search volume

Our keyword research team seeks a top search volume keyword as the hidden tricks to get the ranking on Google first page.

Low competition

Low competition with high search volume is the main target of us that makes the website of the client more effective.

Focus on targeted audiences

A ton of viewers is not your target. Your target focuses on only selling. So we focus on the targeted audiences when we research keywords for you.

Focus on the targeted area

We also focus on the targeted area and its traffic. So our keyword research is specialized for this point that helps to increase the selling from your desire.


Relevance is one of the most important factors to rank the e-commerce website on the search engine. It is essential for paid marketing and online marketing. So, we give emphasize on this factor seriously.

Wrong keywords will be the main reason to destroy the website business. So, our keyword research team focuses on seeking money keywords and informative keywords. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions from you; it’s not possible to answer them all. Here are some frequently asked questions, according to your query.  


Why is keyword research necessary?

The right Keyword gets you more visitors, which results in a significant amount of revenue. The Keyword is the king of content marketing. By using a profitable keyword, you can rank in search engine results. A keyword either will destroy your business or take it to a higher level of success.


What is the charge for your keyword research services?

It depends on the user's purpose. The charge ranges from 21K to 170K per month depending on personal, startups, corporate, enterprise, respectively.


What keyword research tools do you use?

We use paid tools for keyword research — Semrush, Ahrefs, KWfinder, etc.



What is your keyword research process?

We do it following several steps by step process. At first, we find out the search volume of different keywords. Then look for other competitor’s high-ranking pages. Then determine the keyword purpose and evaluate the difficulty in the ranking. After that, we find out the common keywords related to our topics. Then brainstorm and add related keyword phrases and build links for them.



What types of keyword research services do you provide? For example, e-commerce, Product pages, Blog, SEM, and PPC, etc.

We are experts in providing keyword research services in e-commerce, blog, and PPC. Also, we do keyword research for a personal website.



So, why are you waiting? Feel free to knock us to create a keyword research plan with us. Our expert and skilled team are ready with their excellent experience to help you. Start from now and build a successful website soon.


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