What Makes a Good Writer

To be a good writer you don’t need to be perfect. A strong vocabulary and slicker sequence are not exactly what makes a writer good, understanding your capabilities does.

What Makes a Good Writer

What Makes a Good Writer

Some people think they can write about anything they want, while some others think they can’t. Well, both are wrong. Writing comes from inside, and all of us can write if we wish so. But for that, we need to focus on some important facts. This article is to show you things that should be your concern to be a good writer.

How to be a great writer 

1. Sound Knowledge about what you are capable of

Knowing yourself is important. You should know better what you’re capable of and what you’re not. Only then you can produce writing a piece of content that can grab the readers’ attention.

You’re not good at vocabulary? Then let it be. Don’t stress over using hard words rather, try to use meaningful words that’ll define the point you’re trying to establish through your writing. Forget thesaurus and trust your own word bank. If you know what you mean and write accordingly, so will your readers.

2. Understating the Reader’s Interest

How to be a great writer

How to be a great writer

You write for the readers. Therefore, understanding your readers’ interest and anticipating their questions can produce a good writing. It’s a job of relentless thinking.

It’s natural for readers to develop questions as they read. Your writing needs to contain the answers to every question. When they read a few lines and develop a question or have a doubt, your next few lines should have the answers to those questions. That’s what makes your writing a quality piece.

So, to be a good writer, you have to be skeptical and think from the readers’ point of view as well. Only then you can connect the readers with your writing.

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3. Your Writing should be clear and to the Point

Try not to create content that doesn’t explain properly what’s been written on it. First, have a clear idea about your topic and then execute it in your writing. Don’t make your readers search for the answers. 

With every line that you write, explain why you thought so. Even if it’s just something that you think, help your readers understand your way of thinking. Only this can form a bridge between your piece and your reader’s thought and be helpful to them. Make clear, transparent and honest statements. Remember, clarity is very important.

4. Simplicity is the Key

Good content should be simple. Your writing is supposed to have complex information explained in a simpler way so that your readers find it easy to understand. 

When you’re writing, think of a reader who knows almost nothing about the topic yet, and your content is about to give him all the materials he needs. On this note, keep in mind that your reader may know nothing, but don’t consider him to be stupid. Cause that will be a dumb move. 

Your job is to simply state your thinking on a particular topic so that your reader can read and take ideas from it.

5. Being Informative 

When you’re writing something for business or marketing purposes, try to mention every necessary information about the product that can enlighten the readers’ idea. You are supposed to make things easily available in your piece so that your readers don’t need to search elsewhere to know more about the product.

To be a good technical writer, make your readers trust you. Also, keep in mind that a reader can have a different mindset and a different way of thinking. So don’t force your idea on him. State the fact that this is what you think with proper reasoning and let the reader decide what’s best for him. 

6. Avoid Repetition 

Writing should be informative as well as enjoyable. But the repetition of the same information can make your writing monotonous. The readers may get bored and not turn the page at all. 

To execute outstanding writing – get a clear idea about what you’re writing about, gather all the necessary information, create an image in your mind about how you’re going to maintain the sequence and then create the piece. Remember, less information is still okay, but repetition is not.


Writing is an art. Write with the right words, and the best ones. Understand your reader’s expectations and structure your writing accordingly. And remember, to be a good and effective writer, there’s always room for improvement.

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