Top 10 Hacks for Boost Your Search Engine Ranking with SEO Content

Usually, when the term “SEO content” comes to our mind, we think that the content has to be interesting and it needs to attract the reader. But where do we set our focal point?

Firstly, what is SEO? SEO is the way toward upgrading your site for accomplishing the best conceivable permeability in web crawlers.

We usually focus on keyword using SEO content. So, people can find the content easily. Let’s believe that people have found the content by using their search engines. But what about next?

They need to read that content and have to have the interest to read that completely. A content’s views are counted on the period. A reader has to stay a certain period with content.

Now, the topic which roams in our mind is, how to write SEO optimized content

Then again you will think on, How to boost your Search Engine Ranking with SEO Content for the website.

You will get all of these answers here.

Today I am going to give on Top 10 Hacks on How to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking with SEO Content.

Besides, you will also get to know how to create SEO content properly.

Appropriate and High Featured content

The quality substance is the main driver of your internet searcher rankings, and there is no alternative for this. During browsing, people try to find their desired information in content without wasting any time. So, an SEO content writer needs to be very precise during writing. He/She needs to avoid unnecessary details. Moreover, he/she has to include important information and tips.

In this case, satisfactory writing skill is a need. Using the appropriate word is an important matter. You have to pick words which readers might search. Though prominent pages focus on the readers, not the search engine.

Loading speed of the page

Readers find their content on a page or website. So, the loading speed of the page is an important fact for a reader. If the page loads slowly, then the reader will leave the page without seeing the content.

In this case, you need to avoid unnecessary ads pop-up and hyperlinks.

You need to present your content before introducing your page information. If you want to give an option for registration or sign up, then give it in the middle of the content.

If your content is interesting enough, then the reader will sign up to know further details of your content. They are going to do that out of curiosity to read the rest.

Link to the connected sources in the content

It’s a good quality of an SEO content to carry some links of the connected sources in the content. It enriches the content with information.

As like if the content is on top universities, then it would be helpful for a reader to have the links of those certain universities. So that, they can easily browse those link and apply.

Besides, you have use descriptive words before you give the links.

If you take the information from any source, then you should use reference links at the end of the content.

Relevant Information

Use relevant and important information in your content. Avoid unnecessary, useless topics. Don’t repeat a sentence over and over again. Because it creates redundancy in your content. Try to give authentic information. Besides, don’t use that information which confuses your readers.

Moreover, try to get information from several sites before writing content.


I know usually educated people to read contents over the internet. But everyone might not have enriched vocabulary. SEO content writers have to think about his/her general reader.

It is to say that a Ph.D. holder might not know the meaning of a word, as there are thousands of word available in the world of vocabulary.

So, try to use easy words and simple sentences. Nevertheless, try to find a substitute for a hard word. Try to avoid complex sentence and finish a line in one sentence.

Content’s Heading

Content’s Heading is an important part of the content. Before choosing Content’s heading, a content writer has to maintain certain things. You can take Google’s help during choosing the keyword. Like you have to focus on the words that readers might search. By using those, the content writer has to make Content’s heading. It has to be short and relevant to the content.

Moreover, Content’s Heading has to be eye catchy and interesting. A good Content’s Heading enriches the content. It also plays a role in increasing views.

Relevant Images and videos

SEO Content

How to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking with SEO Content

Relevant Images and videos attract the viewer to read the content. A video makes the content interesting and practical. People can have practical experience if they find videos or pictures in content. Because they can relate the words with pictures or videos.

In this case, an SEO content writer can’t post any vulnerable or vulgar videos or pictures with his/her content. 

Font Formatting

You have to select a perfect font which is clear and understandable to the readers. Further, you have to bold your font wherever it is needed. You have to choose a bigger font size for heading and sub-heading.

Heading and sub-heading have to be bolded. Then again, keywords need to be bolded. Also, you have to highlight the important lines. But note that, don’t do it too much.

Avoid grammatical error and spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes make the reader confused. Sometimes readers learn words from their reading. So, they will take the word as a new word.

By grammatical error, people will get the information wrong. To avoid grammatical error, you can use online tools which are available on the internet.

Length of the content

Content has to have a certain length. It can’t be so short or so long. If it is so long, readers will get bored with that. On the contrary, readers will not stay much time with the content if that is too short. So, try to write content in 1000-1500 words.

Don’t make a paragraph of more than 3-4 lines. Because readers will find its nuisance.

Now a days SEO content writing is a very demanding job. During content, writing tries to maintain these Top 10 Hacks on How to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking with SEO Content.It is to say that by using these SEO content strategies you might get a big amount of viewers. 

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