How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing

Want to create a website without using any computer codes? Nowadays, affiliate marketing has become a popular way of making money via niche-oriented websites. We will share guidelines that will explain how to create a website for affiliate marketing.

Are you a beginner affiliate marketer? Or maybe you have just planned to create an affiliate website model. Then you will get advantages from this article. By following our tips, an excellent platform will unveil- an affiliate website for bringing notes into your account.

We won’t share tips to become a programmer or web designer, there is another easy way. After reading this article, you will know how to create a website for affiliate marketing without being a pro in website making, it is a promise.

how to create a website for affiliate marketing
how to create a website for affiliate marketing

Why You Need This Guide

Our years of experience in the affiliate marketing field had left us with in-depth knowledge. We crafted this guide for the newbie. Those who want to acquire some basic knowledge before jumping into this program should read our guidelines.

We are going to describe how to create a website for affiliate marketing. Our schemes will make your concept clear and show you the right path to progress.

What an Affiliate Marketing Website Is

An affiliate marketing website is a platform where the blogger earns money by referring visitors to specific products or services. Usually, online retailers or services provide commissions after every successful sale or for the number of visitors that come from an affiliate website.

Some Important Things Before We Get Started

Are you wasting your money by building a website for affiliate marketing? Is it wise to create an affiliate marketing website at a beginner stage?

We know all these questions are rambling inside your head. That is why we want to clarify some concepts to resolve these confusions. Before we start writing about how to set up an affiliate marketing website, we want to share a few things.

Do You Have To Be Passionate?

If you are enthusiastic about any subject it will assist you to continue the job. Affiliate marketing requires patience, not passion. Yet having attached to something may keep your patience high.

It is very important to choose an ideal niche. The success of your affiliate website is dependent on the right niche selection. In that case, you should prefer a niche which can give you profits in the long run. While choosing a niche you should avoid personal preference.

Frankly, when you will start earning money from your affiliate website a strong passion will bear inside you. That’s the fact!

Choosing The Right Niche

Let me tell you that straight, you have to put valuable content about a selected industry, therefore, you need proper research on your niche. It won’t be profitable if you just pick products from the main site and promote them anyhow.

Choosing a good niche or industry is very very important and here are the reasons why-

  • Some products sell better than others
  • Helps to rank easily in the search results
  • Earns the trust of the customers
  • Lets you to research on specific criteria
  • Creates a brand value

How To Choose A Good Niche

How To Choose A Good Niche
How To Choose A Good Niche

Choosing a niche for an affiliate website is not a tough thing to do with our effective suggestions. You can research and find a suitable niche for the website you want to build. 

Brainstorming is the initial step– First of all, you have to brainstorm to find out various possible niche ideas. You have to pick suitable categories that interest you or can generate high profits. 

Pay Attention To PPP (niche problems-products-profit) –Before deciding any niche, ask a question-is this solve any problem? Find out solutions to the user’s problems and create a niche content strategy. Not all the products are profitable for you. Suppose, you are creating a website for Amazon, which offers less commission per product, then you should give importance to the expensive products. For the websites that offer high commission, you can pick reasonably priced products and gain profits by promoting them on your website. 

To know more about finding a niche, read this article>

Do Keyword Research

Keyword research
Keyword research

When you are looking for keywords to find a proper niche, you must look for the product-related terms. You will find many terms on the search engines, but not all of them are valuable.

Some of them may be informative for example- the importance of the light bulbs. Yet you can only pick those which are given to find out products or to know their information before making a purchase. Such as “best light bulbs for bathroom”, “sunlight desk lamp”. These are some product-related search terms, you will find on Google or other search engines.

First of all, you have to pick a niche which is quite specific, not too broad. Like “best light bulbs” or only “light bulbs” are too broad. You may notice a higher search volume of these keywords, still, they have too much competition.

To rank a new website you need a subcategory that sells products for a specific treatment, for example, “sunglasses for cyclists”, “clothes for middle-aged ladies” etc. The keyword difficulty should grab your attention. You do not need a keyword with a huge volume instead try to pick one that has low competition including a low search volume.

There are many examples of successful affiliate websites that has a niche of low volume keywords yet earning a huge profit every month.

What Will Be The Cost of Building An Affiliate Website

Cost of Building An Affiliate Website
Cost of Building An Affiliate Website

How to make an affiliate website for free, is that your concern now? Instead of a free website, we will teach you how to build an affiliate marketing website accurately.

Yet you will get ideas about how to create a website for affiliate marketing in the cheapest way possible. You should have the ability to spend $2-3 per month after your website. In that way, you can get the results you are expecting from this business.

  1. Domain Name: You can purchase a Domain Name for $7-$15 from most of the companies.
  2. Web Hosting: Usually they come in various packages. You may find a cheap one for only $3-$4 and that will be enough for a new website.

How To Build An Affiliate Website Using WordPress

How To Build An Affiliate Website Using WordPress
How To Build An Affiliate Website Using WordPress

Let’s come to the point on how to create a website for affiliate marketing. We are going to use WordPress to build your website. WordPress is a free website builder that allows you to create your website without using advanced technical knowledge.

WordPress makes it easy, it makes it cheap. Only a few things will not come free and that’s the Domain name & Web Hosting. Many sites offer free domain names and hosting yet they are just a waste of time.

We won’t recommend using a free domain name and web hosting for your first affiliate website. To achieve the best results you should purchase them, anyhow they come very cheap these days.

How To Pick A Domain Name

A domain name is a link that is going to represent your website. For an affiliate website, you may choose a domain name similar to your niche. For example or etc.

Considering not all domain name is available to use, you can try for similar ones. You may use free online tools that can check the availability of the domains.

How To Choose A Web Hosting

You will find thousands of companies selling web hosting for websites. We will show how to build an affiliate marketing website using Bluehost web hosting. However, you can pick your web hosting from any reputed company because it is nearly the same.

If you have very little knowledge about WordPress installation or web hosting management, you should go for user-friendly service. Additionally, good customer support, WordPress installations are also important factors to consider while purchasing a web host.

They will lend a webserver to create your website and upload content. That’s it. To make your task easier, we are going to take both the domain name and web hosting from Bluehost.

Let’s walk through this together and find out how to make an affiliate marketing website most easily and cheaply possible.

Visit Their Official Website

  • The first step is simply just to click the ‘get started now’ button
  • Three different hosting plans will occur, choose any one of them. By the way, we will recommend choosing the basic plan. As you are building a new website it is the most economical option for you. Once the site gets established and you start getting profits from it, you may upgrade your web hosting plans.
  • Let’s select a hosting plan in the next step
  • Two options will occur on the screen that will ask to find a new domain name or enter an existing domain name. However, if you haven’t decided on a domain yet, you can continue the process with a dummy name. Simply click the popup that appears with a message “choose a domain name later” and proceed further.
  • On the next page, an Account information page will occur. You have to put several account creation information like your first name, last name, country code, zip code, email address and so on.
  • The following page will show you details about hosting plans and payment information. Review your plan and confirm the purchase.
  • After completing all these, you should get a welcome message in your mailbox. Check your email to find out their mail, you might get a link there to set your password. Simply click it and put a new password.
  • After creating a new password, make sure you don’t lose it. Now go ahead and log in to your account.

How To Install Wordpress

Install WordPress
Install WordPress

The most important, but the easiest step is to install WordPress. In your BlueHost dashboard, you will see many pre-built WordPress themes. They are website templates that you can use and customize later on.

  • Select a theme of your preference and start building your website
  • An option will appear that will ask whether your website will be personal or business, select business and proceed.
  • After completing these steps the WordPress Dashboard will arrive. There will be many options to edit and customize the site, which may confuse you a bit. However, after learning many features, you may find it user-friendly.
  • In the beginning, you don’t have to know too much. You can still launch your website online. Before launching, you have to set a Website title and description. On the search engines, the title will appear as a link and the description will appear as text below the link. Make sure the text describes your website well.

Gain Visitors By Publishing Useful Content 

Publishing Useful Content
Publishing Useful Content

When a visitor buys any product or service through your referred links you can generate sell and earn commissions. However, only listing the product links along their images will not help. You have to put helpful and authentic content on the website. Moreover, as a ranking factor, you have to make use of investigational keywords in the articles. Some examples of such keywords are-

  • Best
  • Review
  • Comparison
  • Alternative

Optimize & Get A Converting Site 

Do you think high-quality articles are enough? A great keyword, topnotch products, well-written content may help to rise in the ranks and gain visitors yet they may not generate enough sales. For conversion, you need to do the proper optimization of your site. 

Make a Tone of Urgency: You should use sentences that encourage readers to buy items immediately. For example, Buy & get a 20% discount, Limited Edition, etc. 

Let Visitors Contact You: Create a contact form so that visitors can reach you and send their queries. 

Social Proofs Are Necessary: People will believe recommendations when they develop trust on your website. Showcasing social proofs can achieve the trust of the readers. You can use snippets to show how many people are sharing, reacting to the blog posts.  

You Are All Set

Are you done with the title and description? If yes, then you have just launched your first affiliate website. It is live now. You can now create posts, add pages from the WordPress dashboard to complete your website.

We have shown the easy ways about how to create a website for affiliate marketing and you see it was not a big deal. Affiliate marketing can be your plan B for the future. You can make money through your niche websites while you are sleeping, working, spending time around.

Some great content can make your website resourceful that will help the users to find what they are looking for. Your affiliate site can be an ultimate asset that may become profitable in the long run.

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