Best Profitable Niches with Low Competition for Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer? Are you looking for profitable niches with low competition? If your answer to these two questions is ‘yes’, this is a must-read article for you.

Even if the term ‘affiliate marketing’ is something very new to you, you will get benefitted by learning how you can find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing and start passive income staying at your home.

In this article, we will comprehensively cover the best niches for affiliate marketing that are profitable and low-competitive simultaneously. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s venture into the world of affiliate marketing right now.

What is an Affiliate Niche?

What is an Affiliate Niche?
Affiliate Niche

To understand the concept of “Affiliate Niche” we can break down this cluster of words into two separate words, “Affiliate” and “Niche”.

By “Affiliate” we mean a kind of ambassador and influencer for a company or product. So, if you are an affiliate, it means that you are affiliated with a company or product to promote the sales of that specific company or product.

For example, if you are an Amazon Affiliate it means that you promote products from the Amazon marketplace and receive a percentage of sales income from those products.

There are many companies and marketplaces like Amazon who lets you be their affiliate and help them sell their products. You may become an affiliate either by writing impressive blog posts or posting videos on your website and social networking websites along with YouTube.

By ‘Niche’ we mean a very specific topic. When we say blogging on a ‘niche’, we mean writing about a chosen topic. For example, if your website or YouTube channel is based on kitchen products, you are working on ‘kitchen niche’. If you are working on weight loss supplements then your niche can be called ‘weight loss supplement niche’.

So, is the idea about the niche clear to you? Then, let’s move to know what an affiliate niche is.

You cannot handle working with all the products of a marketplace like Amazon. There are millions of products out there for being sold. They are categorized into different niches like tools, personal care, outdoor accessories, home and kitchen, and whatnots. If you have a website, social networking site account or YouTube channel, you can start promoting products of different niches using your affiliate account. If you can refer a person to buy certain products from the website you are affiliated with, you will earn a fee or commission fixed by them.

So, what is your niche? Simple. Your niche is the category of the product that you sell by your advertisement or promotion or review. If you sell a ‘cookware’ or ‘bakeware’ from your affiliate link, you are working with ‘kitchen niche’ as these items fall into this category. Crystal clear, right? Okay, then let’s move to know the top 10 profitable niches with low competition.

What are the 10 best profitable niches for affiliate marketing?

best niche for affiliate marketing
10 best profitable niches

Well, due to the high competition in making websites based on affiliate niches, you may not find all the niches to be plausible and profitable nowadays. Some niches are not so profitable and there are some niches where you have to face very high competition.

You should not go for extremely competitive niches if you do not have huge money to invest. You just need to find profitable niches with a low competition where you can get a good earning with comparatively low investment at the beginning.

To help you find the best niche for affiliate marketing, we are going to give you a profitable niches list. As these are low competition niches, you can easily rank them on google and earn passive income easily and steadily. Here are the top 10 profitable niches you should focus on to start affiliate marketing:

Beauty & Personal Care

Beauty and Personal Care
Beauty and Personal Care

In this modern era, the world is chasing beauty like never before. Previously, only women we conscious about caring for their beauty and buying beauty products. But, by the passage of time, men, especially teenagers are extremely conscious about their look. Here are some of the sub-categories of this niche:

Makeup: From the middle age to the present, makeup with numerous cosmetics has become a part and parcel for women. Be it a marriage ceremony, office party, or simply get together, ladies would love to make them look beautiful. So, you can comfortably work with beauty products for women and men because it is a billion-dollar market worldwide.

Skin Care: Due to global warming, our skin is getting much burnt with the glaring ultraviolet ray from the sun. On top of that, people are getting more conscious about their skin and want to buy products that range from body lotions and sunscreen cream to waxing accessories.

Hair Care: Only the bald person can feel the real price of hair. Due to hair fall and other problems, many people are losing hair nowadays. They are desperately looking for oil, lotions, gel, creams, or anything they hear about that helps the hair. It can certainly be said that hair products will be sold for decades to come. 

Fragrance: No matter whether someone is man or woman, aged or young, perfumes and body sprays are always appealing to people of all the countries. Because of the popularity of these items, the market for these items will never fall. You can fearlessly try to work with the Fragrance niche.

Automotive Tools & Equipment

Automotive Tools and Equipments

Automotive products like cars need care. There are different sets of tools to fix any problem regarding automotive issues. If someone does not have the right tool, he may get in trouble. For automotive professionals and DIY enthusiasts, having automotive tools and equipment is a must to go on. Let’s check some of the tools and equipment that can be categorized in this category and good to work for affiliate marketing:

Tools Box and Sets:

To serve the various purpose we require a wide range of toolboxes. Many of them come single and many come in sets. Home tool kit, auto repair kit, screw, nut sets, etc. are always demanding in the market. You can analyze these tools, write or talk about their work and give reviews for the users and subsequently earn money by referring them to buy from your link.

Body Repair Tools:

Body repair tools is a big niche to work with. It can accommodate a variety of auto body repair tools such as the dinging spoon, edge clamp, dolly of different kinds, piler insertion, hammers, etc. As it is a low competitive niche, you can rank them quickly.

Diagnostic, Test and Measurement Tools:

Tools that are used for testing and measuring are also popular. Digital multimeter laser tape measure,  andmagnetic tape measure are some of the tools that will never lose the market.

Welding Tools:

In the automotive industry, welding is an essential part. It is not possible to think about this industry without welding. There are different MIG and TIG welders out there with the accessories included or excluded with the package that users can buy from Amazon and other marketplaces. You can make your niche site easily featuring welding tools if you have some idea about welding and welders.

Hand Tools and Tool Trays:

Hand tools range from hammers to hand trucks. There are ratchet sets with a variety of set tools pack. You can work all of them in your niche.

Though tool trays are cheap, this is one of the most mandatory things that a mechanic always needs to keep other tools organized so that they do not get lost. You can make your website to promote tool trays as well.


baby niche
baby niche

If you love babies, you can make a website to work with the toys and accessories made for babies. ‘Baby’ niche is highly profitable at present. From the very beginning months till the teenage period a baby needs a lot of things to play and grow up with. You should offer baby products that go with the trend and fashion of the time. Here are some of the micro baby niches you can choose to work:

Strollers & Accessories:

Baby Strollers have a big market worldwide. To carry the baby out or let them have some fresh air on the lawn of the home, strollers and the accessories of it are highly on demand.

Backpack and Carriers:

As soon as the babies start going to school, they need backpacks and tiffin carriers. You can think of this niche to work on as it is one of the profitable ones.

Baby and Toddler Toys:

Can you remember your childhood? Didn’t you love to play with toys? Yes, every baby does and that’s why baby and toddler toys niche is something evergreen for years after years.

Tricycles, Scooters & Wagons

Tricycles, scooters, and wagons work as exercise machines for a baby. As these are quite costly than plain toys, there is more profit for selling units from this niche.

Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products
Personal Care Products

In a day to day life, a person needs a variety of products to use for different parts of the body. These products help to maintain health and hygiene in personal life. For example, deodorants help to keep your body away from the bad odor of the sweat. Here are some of the personal care products on which you can make a profitable niche.

Bath & Bathing Accessories

Soap bars, shampoo, conditioners, and other necessary utensils of a bathroom are always on good demand. These are everyday needs for people of all ages. Is there any family where nobody uses any of these products? I think that the answer is a big ‘no’. And the good news is, it is a niche you can still thrive on. So, what are you waiting for? Grab and start working!

Deodorants & Antiperspirants

With hundreds of Deodorants and Antiperspirants brands around the globe, this industry will never cease to grow. People are using deodorants more and more indoor and outdoor. If you have good knowledge about perfume and an acute sense of smell, this niche is for you!

Lip Care

Lipsticks, Lip gels, lip oil, lip balms, lip scrubs, and other lip products have a huge market worldwide. You can think of starting an affiliate niche based on a variety of lip care products.

Oral Care

People frequently visit doctors for dental and oral issues. Most of the time, they are prescribed to buy good toothpaste, toothbrushes dental floss and picks to keep their dental and oral problems in check. You can take this opportunity to reach people with the best products in this niche.

Shave & Hair Removal

Shaving and hair removal products for men and women are increasingly popular. There are a variety of creams and gels along with the shaving accessories like razors and blades. You can easily promote these products to potential buyers and get a commission for their purchase.

Home and Kitchen

Home and Kitchen
Home and Kitchen

This is one of the most profitable and wide reaches you can try to cover. You may either go for the broad ‘Home and Kitchen’ niche or choose from one of the narrowed down niches from below:

Kitchen & Dining

This niche may include things like dining tables, chairs, spoon, etc. While some of the products of this niche are way costly, but some are cheap. So, it will be a good blend of expensive and inexpensive products if you select this niche.


This niche accommodates pots, pans and cookware sets from many manufacturers. Choose the best of these and start reviewing one by one.

Dinnerware Sets

There is a diverse collection of dinnerware sets differing from each other by shape, design, material, patterns, size, etc. The price of these dinnerware sets ranges from 20$ to 500$. Try to select the best-rated products to promote on your website.

Glassware & Drinkware

Goblets, tumblers, and glasses made of different materials are there to be sold on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. If you have some experience with the materials and use of these glasses and drinkware, you are most welcome in this niche to work.


For seasoned bakers or people who want to make serve cookies to their kids, bakeware sets are essential. With baking pans, baking sheets, roasting pan, pizza pan, etc. bakeware sets are always in the pick of the demand by western families and thus a profitable niche for you.

Small Appliances

There are many small kitchen and home appliances like a bread maker, roti maker, iron machine cutting board, chopper, etc. that a kitchen room usually accommodates for daily chores. You can start making money from this niche if you can update your website with new product reviews.

Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

Tray, spoons, peelers, skimmers and other must-have utensils and gadgets have good demand. An added advantage of working with this niche is that you do not need to invest more for content writing service as these are very common and known products to almost everyone.

Cutlery & Knife Accessories

You can make a low competitive niche on Cutlery with kitchen knives, pizza cutters, knife holders and other accessories without much effort.

Vacuums & Floor Care

To clean the floor we use different kinds of cleaner including the vacuum ones. On top of that, floor washing liquids are also widely available to assist in this work. You do not need much technical knowledge to start working with this niche.

Bath Products

Bath oil, bath bombs, shower pouf bath sponge, scrubbers are nice products to work on. Due to the low prices, people tend to buy them in bulk amount which will translate into more revenue from your end.

Cleaning Supplies

Bowl cleaners for the washroom, dust mopes, cleaning brushes and other sanitation products keeps the home safe from harmful bacteria and helps to prevent mold growth. You can review these products on your website or YouTube channel to earn a fee from the affiliated websites.

Tools and Home Improvement

Tools and Home Improvement

There is a good market for tools and home improvement instruments. The price of these ranges from very low to quite high. However, you need some technical knowledge of various tools and instruments to promote them well to your potential customers. Here are some of the trending tools and home improvement niche you can try.

Kitchen & Bath Fixtures

Kitchen and Bath Fixtures include faucet, bathroom waterfall, ceiling light, exhaust fan, etc. As you have the experience of using most of these products at your own home, you must feel good reviewing and sharing information about them.

Power & Hand Tools

If you target mechanics and technicians as your target audience to promote your products, you can go for power and hand tools niche. This niche features drilling sets, cutting tools, screwdriver sets and many more.

Rough Plumbing

With a vast range of plumbing guides, you can also find enough plumbing products in Amazon and other markets to sell and promote to the audience.

Cutting Tools

Pliers, cutters, and blades of different kinds fall in this category. The electricians, plumbers, and mechanics use a variety of cutting tools to meet their requirements. You can choose some of the cutting tools and start an affiliate site based on these products.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

You will find hundreds of innovative and modern gears and gadgets for the outdoor and recreation category. From the blanket to the tent, warm vest to the travel towel, these are very much liked by those who go outdoor frequently. Here are some great outdoor recreation niches which are supposed to be profitable:

Camping & Hiking

It is a common trend for people to go camping and hiking on weekends and summer vacation. It is a good chance for you to earn a living by selling camping and hiking products to the campers and hikers. This niche has a lot of products including binoculars, folding backpack, emergency gear kit, portable wireless speaker, tent, LED flashlight, rechargeable lanterns, camping chair and many more to offer.

Skates, Skateboards & Scooters

You can also think of skates, skateboards, and scooters as the product for your niche. However, it is important to have a working knowledge of these gears.

Water Sports

Water sports like Surfing, diving, and waterskiing need proper instruments. Kneeboards are a new addition to this row of products. Make an affiliate website if you are a fan of water sports.

Climbing Equipment

Climbers need climbing ropes, harness belts, pulleys and other equipment to make their mountaineering adventure successful. You can help them by promoting climbing equipment and gears.

Outdoor Power and lawns Equipment/Tools

Many outdoor power and lawn tools help to keep the outdoor clean and tidy. Mowers, Trimmers, Chainsaws, Batteries, etc. are some of the examples of this niche. Let’s have a look at these tools:

Lawn Mowers & Tractors

Lawn Mowers help to keep the yard clean by cutting grass with blazing blades. On the other hand, tractors can be of various types including one that works as same as mowers. Due to the good price range, you can try reviewing mowers and tractors and earn from every successful purchase.

String Trimmers and Edgers

You will get a certain part of your yard where mowers are not very effective. A stringer trimmer or Edgers helps people to reach the area. To work with tricky patches, string trimmers and edgers have no alternative. This is yet a low competitive niche.


To cut timber and wood, a chainsaw is necessary. Both electric and gas-powered chainsaws are on demand nowadays.

Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are also available as electric or gas-powered. Though the electric ones are not expensive, the gas-powered one is pretty costly. If you open a niche site for hedge trimmers, you can think of having a good amount of bucks per month in your pocket if you offer quality content.

Interchangeable Battery Packs

It is also fine to start your affiliation business with interchangeable battery packs as this field is yet to flourish in full swing.

Leaf Blowers & Vacuums

When the autumn comes, the yard of the people becomes fully covered with tree leaves. To get these leaves out of the yard, leaf blowers and vacuums are bought and thus it creates possibilities for business.

Log Splitters

Log Splitters help to split woods. The price of log splitters depends on the design, capability, and features. This is a fantastic niche to work with.

Metal Detectors

With a variety of sensitivity levels and metal detecting modes, metal detectors are great for finding old coins, amulets, and jewelry. You do not require much expertise to create a website to promote metal detectors as an affiliate.

Pole Saws

Pole saws save time and let you work standing on the ground. The price of pole saws ranges from below $100 to more than $200. Choose some best pole saws available and then let people know about them to make a profit.

Pressure Washers

A pressure washer is a good choice for cleaning the car, garden fences, etc. being powered either by gas or electricity, they are easily portable. It is a niche with low competition.


To prepare the soil for planting, tillers are mandatory instruments. It falls under one of the low competition niches as per our research on it.

Weed Torches

Weed torches are used to get the weeds away from the soil. You can either make it associated with the tillers niche or make a separate website based on this.

Wood Chippers, Shredders, & Mulchers

Chippers, Shredders, and Mulchers are either separately sold or combined in a hybrid machine. You should choose the popular products to promote out of tens of hundreds of products.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Replacement parts, kits, and accessories are highly demandable products right now. As the competition is low here, you can take your business up quickly.

Travel Accessories

There are hundreds of gadgets and gears used worldwide that comes with a tag ‘travel’ before them. Travel bags, travel shoes, travel containers, travel pillows, travel adapters, toiletry bags, travel moneybags, and many more travel accessories are always in high demand. As people are traveling more nowadays, you can expect more sales in this niche. So, come ahead and get down to work.

Other Best Niches

Except for the niches mentioned above, you can also go for fashionable footwear niche, food for pets and other digital services like selling eBooks. Choose the one you are confident about and you can carry for long-term.

How to Find a Niche for Affiliate Marketing?

Well, now that you go profitable niches list, you should also know how to find the most profitable niches for you by yourself.

Firstly, you have to know your capabilities and skills. It is always better to go with a niche about which you have some knowledge.

Secondly, research online. Find out the articles and blogs of different websites to know about the trending niches.

Thirdly, find out your competitor to see the quality and quantity of the posts. If a niche comes with too much competition or if there are giant websites already ranked for your planned keywords, you need to invest a lot of money to rank higher. However, here are some more tips that can help you choose a niche for affiliate marketing.

  • Do not choose a niche where you have almost no idea, especially when the niche is highly technical.
  • It is great to look around you and make a list of things. Then filter out those objects to examine if any of these things around you can be a niche for you to work on.
  • Keep asking your friends and family members about their choice. Look if you find any niche idea from their choice. Have a look at your hobby list too. It is awesome if the niche aligns with one of your hobbies.
  • You need to make sure that your niche is not too narrow. If it is very narrow, you may not find much content to write on the niche which will eventually be a negative point for you.
  • Choose a niche that is profitable but comes with comparatively low competition. Yes, it is difficult to find such niches, but not impossible.

What Are the Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?

We have already mentioned the top 10 best niches with low competition above. If you want to know which is the best niche among all of these, it is not possible to guess. And, the fact of the matter is, there is not just one single niche that is most profitable.

And another thing is that the profit of a niche depends largely on the demand and price of the product. If the product of a niche comes with much demand and price, that would be more profitable. Conversely, a niche with low priced products or low demand will struggle to be a profitable niche.

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Profitable?

Whether affiliate marketing worth your time and investment depend on a variety of factors. If your content quality is poor and not well-written, you will fail to convince the customers to follow your link and buy products. Follow these tips to turn your affiliate into a profitable website:

  • Always remember that content is the king. So, take care of your content. Do not write plagiarized or erroneous content from another website. Check the facts and information you provide.
  • Do not just aspire to sell products. Work hard to make a connection between you and your audience. Come with engaging content with infographics, images, and videos so that the audience gets the highest satisfaction while using your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential work that you should make sure so that you can reach to the people. Make social media pages and a YouTube channel for your website so that you can reach more people and thus earn more.
  • Do SEO audit frequently, make sure that your posts are internally linked and the users can load your webpages very fast. Do not also forget to perform backlinking tasks.

Final Words:

We believe that by now you have got a crystal-clear idea about the best niche for affiliate marketing that comes with low competition. Do not hurry to start a new niche. Take time to research, analyze the competitors and then decide whether you will take a niche or not. We wish you success in affiliate marketing.

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