10 Outstanding Content writing Tools that make Posts Remarkable


Would you read a complete content if that makes you feel bored? No, you wouldn’t. That’s the fact. We only read contents which seem to be attractive and interesting enough to go through the whole content. Different Content Writing Tools can help us in this case.

It’s also important for your content to be error-free. Any grammatical mistakes or plagiarism or any other mistakes would be risky for your content. Such mistakes will take your business down along with your contents and website.

Creating such error-free, interesting, and attractive contents is way more challenging than you think. But technology makes this challenging task easier for content writers. Today, there are a lot of Free Content Creation Tools for Content Writers out there online.

Here are 10 best Content Writing Tools for you which will certainly help you successfully come up with the most attractive, interesting, and best-selling contents. 

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Coschedule Headline Analyzer
Coschedule Headline Analyzer

The most effective way to grab your reader’s attention is to create an attractive headline. With a smart and engaging headline, it’s going to be easier to convince your readers to read the content for once at least.

For a better and emotionally powerful headline, CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is best. It’s one of the best Content Writing Tools online for writing emotional, powerful, attractive, and smart enough headlines. Not just that, it will also help you come up with headlines of perfect length, characters, and words.

That’s how such Interactive Content Writing Tools will help you rank higher, gather more traffic, and more visible on search engine results. This Headline Analyzer helps you to create a perfectly balanced headline for your content.

2. Writefull

best content writing tools
Best content writing tools for writer

When casually speaking in English we often ignore some grammatical rules or mistakes. Now the fact is when it’s time to write content, especially for online marketing it should be flawless. But it’s normal that sometimes we forget the accurate grammar or preposition we should use.

In this case, Writefull will always help you to get the exact word or preposition or adjective that will match your particular context the best. It’s one of such Content Writing Tools that will guide and suggest you with the proper combination of words according to your sentence.

Good news is you can use Writefull on Gmail, Microsoft Word, and other writing apps entirely free. Not just the adjectives or preposition, it comes with a bunch of synonyms, word definition, translation, and so on.

3. 1 Checker

1 Checker
1 Checker

Another grammar and spelling checker for smooth and mistake-free contents is 1 Checker. It’s very simple and easy to use. You can use it directly from MS Word. You need to copy-paste your text nor going back and forth from MS Word to the browser.

You can directly use 1 Checker from MS Word or on the particular social media site where you can write or edit your post or on your browser. The best part of 1 Checker is it’s always free.

4. Slick Write

Slick Write
Slick Write best free content writing tools

Slick Write is also one of the Content Writing Tools Free for you. It’s more than just a simple social media writing tool. Slick Write is a whole bunch of packages for writing a correct and perfect content for your website.

Slick Write, one of the amazing Free Content Creation Tools, comes with spelling and grammar checker, passive voice index, reading time, readability statistic, and so on. There’s a statistic screen to show all the statistical data.

Want a perfect content without any fault? Slick Write will surely be your best companion.

5. Cliche Finder

cliche finder
Cliche finder is the best content writing tools for content writer

Repetitive or overused words and phrases pull down your content quality. It’s always wise to avoid overused phrases and words in your content. But to make sure you’re not using repetitive words or overused phrases is not an easy task.

You’re going to need professional assistance to check and avoid those words. Among such Content Writing Tools Cliché Finder is the best. It helps you find out Clichés by highlighting them and guides you for the perfect modification according to your content.

6. Hemingway Editor

Best content writing tools for writer

Want your content to be more readable? Well, here comes one of the most trusted and best Content Writing Tools online, the Hemingway Editor. This fantastic tool comes with a whole bunch of features to increase your content readability. 

Hemingway Editor will help you with every single sentence of your content. Which word perfectly match the sentence and its meaning, which adverb or preposition is correct for a particular sentence, if there’s a passive voice in any sentence, if a sentence is way more complex; this content writing tool will find everything out and suggest you with the best solution.

With different color-codes, it will be very easier to indicate the mistakes and correct them. If you’re looking Content Writing Tools to raise your content readability up, your search ends here. Though it’s one of the Free Content Creation Tools, you can go premium for $19.99 and get the desktop tool.

7. Grammarly

Best Grammar Checker tools – Grammarly

As one of the amazing Content Writing Tools Online, Grammarly can be your great companion. You can go with Grammarly using Google Chrome, Firefox, or even Safari. But it’s best to use chrome for Grammarly.

As a Google extension, Grammarly will work on every web you’ll use on Google Chrome for writing. Frequently write on Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, or other webs. Grammarly will correct and suggest you the more accurate solutions for your content. You can also use Grammarly on Microsoft Word.

Both the Grammarly web and app are available for you online for free. Just create an account with Grammarly. If you want such a content that will be 100% flawless, you can buy premium offers and make your own premier Grammarly account.

In that case, Grammarly will find out every single grammatical mistake or any other faults with an advanced mode. Even if there’s any plagiarism in your content, Grammarly premium will hunt it down. Besides, mistakes with capitalization or punctuation can never escape from Grammarly.

The best feature of Grammarly is that it keeps updating its vocabulary and style with the latest trend of online or social media.

8. Dupli Checker

Dupli checker
Duplichecker – Best free plagiarism checker tools.

Want some high-quality contents for your online business marketing? First of all, your content has to be unique from top to bottom. It’s not so easy to create unique content.

There are thousands of websites and millions of contents. It’s possible that a very small part of your content matches with one or more than one contents. There’s no need to copy for that. It can happen although your content is 100% original. And if so, your content won’t be entirely original. But it’s impossible to check every single content, right?

You are looking for such Content Writing Tools that will help you avoid Plagiarism? Dupli Checker will check and match your content with all the available contents online. Then it’ll show you if there’s plagiarism in your content and compare it to the matched existing contents.

9. GrammarBase


The list of the best Content Writing Tools also contains GrammarBase. GrammarBase is one of the Free Content Creation Tools that check your context thoroughly, find out the misspelled words, grammatical errors, plagiarism, and other mistakes. Then it suggests you the best solution for every mistake.

GrammarBase also comes with an easy using process. It requires simple copy-paste of your contents into its window. Write error-free smart contents for a catchy post and improve its quality with GrammarBase.

If you want to get better professional proofreading, get the premium version.

10. Language Tool

Language Tool
Language Tool – spell and grammar checker

Do you want to write contents in different languages but afraid of the mistakes? Well, here comes Language Tool. Language Tool will assist you in writing error free contents in more than 20 different languages.

It’s very easy to use, Just a simple copy-and-paste system. Copy your text and past it in Language Tool. Language Tool will help you edit and correct all the mistakes with proofreading. So, no more problems writing contents in other languages. Feel free to set your thoughts fly.


All these Content Writing Tools can help you create perfect contents without any mistakes or error. Now you know about them so give them a try at least. You might find your Best Tools for Content Creation. To finally come up with the perfect content it might be possible that you will need more than just one writing tool. Choose an appropriate combination of Interactive Content Creation Tools and get going. That’s going to help you to create smart, interesting, and error-free smooth contents successfully. 

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