How Do You Post on Linkedin

To post on LinkedIn, first log in to the website or mobile app. Then write a short post that includes relevant details such as hashtags and images. Once you’re done, click the “Share” button at the bottom of the page.

This will launch a pop-up window where you can add more information about your post, including its visibility settings (public, connections only). When satisfied with your post hit “Post” and it will be shared with your network. You can also tag other users by typing an @ symbol followed by their name in your post content – this will alert them to check out what you posted.

Finally, use appropriate networks when sharing so that some contacts don’t miss out on seeing your updates!

Posting on LinkedIn is easy and an important way to stay connected with your network. Start by navigating to your profile page, where you’ll see a box at the top of the page labeled “Share an Update.” Here, you can post articles, blog posts, or any other content that adds value for your audience.

You can also add a photo or video to go along with it if applicable. Once you have composed your post, click “Share” and it will be visible in newsfeeds across the platform!

How to Post on Linkedin (2023)

How to Post on Linkedin With Image

Posting an image to LinkedIn is a great way to engage your audience and increase visibility for your business or brand. To post an image on LinkedIn, first log into your account and click the “Share” button at the top of the page. Next, upload an image from either your computer or another online source such as Flickr.

Once you’ve selected the desired photo, write a caption that tells readers what it is about and why they should care. Finally, hit “Publish” to share your post with followers!

How to Share a Post on Linkedin

Sharing a post on LinkedIn is an easy and effective way to connect with other professionals, increase your visibility and grow your network. All you need to do is log in to LinkedIn, find the post you would like to share and click ‘Share’ below the post. From there, add any additional comments that you may have before clicking ‘Post’ or ‘Share Now’ at the bottom of the page.

By doing this, all of your connections will be able to see what you are sharing and interact with it if they choose.

How to Post on Linkedin for Job

Posting on LinkedIn is an effective way to increase your visibility and build relationships with potential employers. To get the most out of job postings, make sure you include a clear description of the position, any qualifications or skills required, and other pertinent details. It’s also important to be aware that different types of posts will appear differently in search results; so if you’re looking for a certain type of role, it might be worth creating separate posts for each one.

Finally, remember to engage with anyone who responds or expresses interest—building meaningful connections can go a long way!

What to Say When Sharing a Post on Linkedin

When sharing a post on LinkedIn, it’s important to include context for why you’re posting and what value the content provides. By giving readers an idea of why they should click on your post, or how it will benefit them, you’re more likely to generate interest and engagement. Additionally, be sure to use keywords that are relevant to your topic so that people searching for related topics can find your post easily.

How to Post on Linkedin Desktop

Posting on LinkedIn’s desktop platform is easy. All you have to do is open the website, sign in with your account information, click on the “Share an Update” button at the top of your newsfeed, type in your post or upload a photo or video, and then hit “Share.” You can also choose who to share it with by clicking “More Options,” as well as add tags and even location info if you want.

How to Post on Linkedin App

Posting on the LinkedIn App is a great way to stay connected with your professional network and grow your online presence. To post on the app, firstly open up the app and look for the ‘Share an Update’ option located in several places such as your Homefeed or News Feed. Once there, you can write out a post consisting of text, images, video links and other multimedia content.

When finished, click ‘Share’ to make it visible to all of your contacts!

How to Post on Linkedin Company Page

Posting on a LinkedIn Company page is an excellent way to reach out to potential customers, partners, or investors. To start, make sure you have the appropriate permissions and access to your company’s page. Once you’ve confirmed that you do, create a post using the “Share an update” box on your homepage.

Be sure to include relevant keywords to maximize engagement with your audience and use visuals whenever possible for greater impact. Finally hit “Share” at the bottom of the window when you’re done!

Linkedin Post Example

A LinkedIn Post Example could be a short message that you write to your network on the professional social media site. Your post should provide valuable content, such as industry news or advice, and also include a call-to-action for readers to take some sort of action in response. Be sure to use relevant hashtags, images and videos when appropriate so that more people can find your post.

How Do You Post on Linkedin


Q1: How Do I Create a Post on Linkedin

Creating a post on LinkedIn is an easy process and can be done in a few simple steps. First, log into your LinkedIn account. Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Publish a Post” button located at the top right of your homepage or profile page.

From there, you will need to select which type of post you want to create: either text-only (a regular update), link sharing (an article or external website that you are promoting), or media (photo/video). After selecting the type of post, start typing out what it is that you would like to share with your connections. You can also choose to add photos and videos directly from your computer if desired.

When ready, hit “Share” and then wait for other users to interact with it by liking it, commenting on it or even resharing it!


Posting on LinkedIn is a great way to get your message out and grow your network. It’s important to take the time to craft an effective post that reflects you professionally, engages readers, and encourages likes, shares, and comments. Remember to keep posts relevant by using keywords in titles and tags when possible, as well as linking back to other content or sources of information.

With some practice and dedication you can start creating powerful posts that engage your audience.

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